The winners of the NATO TIDE Hackathon visited the USA and participated in the TIDE SPRINT conference

09.11.2021 09:00

The Institute team won the TIDE Hackathon 2021 competition. Thanks to this, team members Nazar Kalyan and Maksym Ryabenko were invited by the TIDE Hackathon coordinator to participate in the TIDE SPRINT #38 2021 conference.

TIDE Sprint (Think-Tank for Information Decision and Execution Sprint) is one of the main activities of the Allied Command Transformation (ACT) and NATO think tanks to promote innovation and rapid development of concepts and specifications in order to progress, improve and federate cooperation between NATO , Command and Control (C2) and IT partner countries. TIDE Sprint events are typically held twice a year, each spring in Europe and each fall in the United States. The TIDE Sprint brings together operators, managers, industry and academics to share and explore ideas to help the Alliance and partner countries adapt to technological change.

At the conference, the employees of the Institute reported on their decision at the TIDE Hackathon 2021 on the topic of optimization of measures to regulate victims of various categories in medical facilities (both military and civilian) in the area of ​​the operation, based on the specified criteria. During the report, the algorithm for building the optimal route for the evacuation of each victim was revealed in detail.

The results of this medical track TIDE Sprint, presentations and discussions form the basis for future TIDE Sprints. They strengthen the military medical community's efforts to further innovate and bring NATO members and partner countries closer together.

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