Body for certification of products, processes and services

The Product Certification Body (PSB) was created on the basis of the State Research and Development Institute of Cyber ​​Security Technologies (Order No. 19 dated March 10, 2021). The certification body provides services for the certification of products, processes, and services for compliance with the Technical Regulations of Cryptographic Information Protection Means and standards in the field of information protection. OSP has its own testing laboratory accredited byNAAU in accordance with the DSTU ISO/IEC standard 17025. Currently, measures are being taken to prepare for the accreditation of OSP at NAAU in compliance with the requirements of the DSTU ISO/IEC 17065 standard.

Address: m. Kyiv, str. Maksym Zaliznyak, bldg. 3, corp. 6

Tel. (044) 281-85-89

Head of the Certification Authority - Valery POPEL

Representative of quality management - Olena Tsviliy