Impartiality Council

The purpose of the establishment of the OAO Council is to ensure the impartiality of the actions of the Certification Authority   by representing the main stakeholders, balanced in such a way that no single interest prevails over the others (internal or external personnel of the OAO is considered a single interest, and it should not prevail).

The composition of the OOV Council is formed  on a parity basis from representatives of interested parties:

- clients OOV, customers clients, manufacturers, suppliers, users;

- representatives of conformity assessment bodies (hereinafter – OAO), experts of conformity assessment;

- consumers of services – representatives of industrial trade associations, representatives of government regulatory bodies or other government structures, and representatives of non-governmental organizations, in particular, consumer organizations.


To the structure of the Council of OOV  includes the following Committees for ensuring the impartiality of the OAO:

- Committee  on issues of assessment of conformity cryptomodules (KZI and TKI) (DSTU EN ISO/IEC 17065);

- Committee  in the field of technical information protection (DSTU EN ISO/IEC 17065);

- Committee in the field of trust services (DSTU EN ISO/IEC 17065);

- The Committee on Assessing the Conformity of Information Security Management Systems (DSTU EN ISO/IEC 17021-1).

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