Publications of 2017

Types of publications

Articles in scientific publications, included in the List of scientific specialized publications of Ukraine, for the last 3 years, per scientific worker, units/persons

"Protection of information", volume 19, number 2, April-June 2017. Article V. Sydorenko, S. Hnatyuka, O. Yudina, "Experimental study of the method of determining the level of importance of critical information infrastructure objects in the field of civil aviation". (page 155).


Scientific periodical "Control, navigation and communication systems", 2017, issue 1(41), p. 132-134, 2017, Development of a methodology for the analysis of systemic risks during the operation of objects of increased ecological danger, Zadunai O.S., Azarov S.I.


Scientific publication "Information processing systems", 2017, issue 3(149), p.158-163, 2017 Ensuring electromagnetic compatibility of secondary electrical circuits at critical infrastructure objects Zadunai O.S., Azarov S.I., Sydorenko V. L.


Scientific and technical journal "TECHNOLOGICAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY", No. 1(1/2017), p. 3-7. 2017 Safety analysis of potentially dangerous objects Azarov S.I., Sydorenko V.L., Zadunai O.S.


Collection of scientific papers "Ecological safety and nature management" No. 3–4 (24), July-December 2017, p. 50-57 2017 Determining the reliability of ecosystems to the factor of anthropogenic pressure Azarov S.I., Sydorenko V.L., Zadunai O.S.


Scientific and practical journal "Ecological Sciences" No. 3/4 2017 18-19, p.77-85, 2017, Analysis of the characteristics of existing ecosystems, Azarov S.I., Sydorenko V.L., Zadunai O.S.


Scientific collection of IDUCZ No. 5, 2017, p. 5-12 2017 Analysis of approaches to defining sectors of critical infrastructure Azarov S.I., Demkiv A.M. Sydorenko V.L., Zadunai O.S.


Scientific collection of IDUCZ. – 2017. – No. 5. – P. 94–106. 2017 Satellite remote earth monitoring system for solving the tasks of emergency prevention in the Chernobyl zone Sydorenko V.L., Azarov I.S., Zadunai O.S.


Nuclear power and the environment: science and production. journal – 2017. – №2(10)/2017 – p.26-34 2017 Radiation and ecological consequences of fires in the Chernobyl exclusion zone Azarov S.I., Sydorenko V.L., Zadunai O.S.


Nuclear power and the environment: science and production. journal – 2017. – №2(10)/2017 – p.48-59 2017 Methodological foundations of the environmental audit of NPP Azarov S.I., Zadunai O.S. Evlanov V.M.


Methods of detection of built-in embedded nodes in specialized integrated circuits article Collection of scientific works of VITI NTUU KPI - No. 1, - 2017. (professional edition) 6 Zastelo G.I., Kulinich O.M.