Electrical equipment and apparatus (means of technical information protection)

Name of tests and (or) characteristics (parameters) to be determined

Designation of normative documents on test methods

Measurement of physical quantities on the basis of which special indicators are calculated that ensure protection of information from leakage through channels of side electromagnetic radiation and guidance, acoustic channels, vibroacoustic channels:

6.1 attenuation coefficient of filters;

6.2 non-uniformity of amplitude-frequency characteristics of filters;

6.3 spectral density of electromagnetic noise field intensity;

6.4 noise quality coefficient;

6.5 coefficient of interspectral correlations;

6.6 level of output acoustic, vibroacoustic output signal;

6.7 the averaged maximum level of the output acoustic and vibroacoustic signal in the range of operating frequencies;

6.8 the range of attenuation of the output acoustic and vibroacoustic level in relation to the averaged maximum level;

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ND TZI R-001-2000

DSTU 3639-97

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