Machines for data processing: - hardware and software-hardware cryptosystems and means of cryptographic protection of information

Name of tests and (or) characteristics (parameters) to be determined Designation of normative documents on test methods

1.1 implementation of digital signature production and verification procedures based on asymmetric cryptographic algorithm;

1.2 implementation of hash functions;

1.3 implementation of key establishment algorithms based on elliptic curves;

1.4 implementation of encryption algorithms based on password information;

1.5 implementation of key protection algorithms;

1.6 implementation of information integrity verification algorithms;

1.7 implementation of message authentication algorithms.

Measurement of physical quantities on the basis of which special indicators of information security against leakage through technical channels are calculated:

1.8 intensity of the electric component of the electromagnetic field;

1.9 intensity of the magnetic component of the electromagnetic field;

1.10 voltage levels of electromagnetic inductions in power supply lines;

1.11 current levels of electromagnetic inductions in power supply lines;

1.12 current levels of electromagnetic inductions in grounding lines.

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